A Lucky Tide

They say a high tide lifts all boats. It's kind of a trickle-down Thing To Say, but it holds true for me today, luxuriating in a sweet vacation house in a sweet vacation place. I will come home tomorrow with sore feet from all the walking and a new lease on the good life. 

I have a relative who has been lucky, which means they have worked hard. Hey! Another Thing They Say: the harder you work, the luckier you become. Luckily, some of that luck rubs off on me, like when I get to borrow this sweet vacation home.

Here: I'll show you a picture of a thing that you can see from here.

That's some sunset.

That's some sunset.

Will I paint that? Probably not. There are photos that are pretty hard to either improve on or even imitate, and that is one of them. But I have taken some photos this weekend that might become the basis for a painting. So, technically, as far as the IRS is concerned, I'm working.

Back to my point: I was imagining that knowing someone close to you possessed something so wonderful that you do not possess might make one feel bitter or envious, but I don't feel any of that. I haven't worked for it and I have enough. In fact, I both have enough AND this weekend in this place, which is over and above. 

Whatever you don't have that you want, I hope you are able to work hard enough to get it. And whatever you do have, that's probably enough. I mean, one bag of Cheetos is enough sometimes.

Cheetos are so good, you guys.