My Right Boob - A Body Part Story in Parts. Part 8

I’m a Variant, Not a Mutant

When the lab guys were good and ready, they released my genetic test results. Although I haven’t seen them for myself (maybe they are too blindingly scientific for the layman’s naked eye), my oncologist called me to assure me that there are no heavy-duty bad news mutations in them. There is one Variant of Unknown Significance in the ATM gene (that’s VUS, not RUS), which is less bad than a mutation in that gene. She considers it not necessarily a misspelling of the gene, but just an alternate spelling. Like Olde English or something. I am a little skeptical about just how alternate, as my wiki-reading tells me that (a) a properly functioning ATM gene is important in regulating the growth rate of cells and (b) certain mutations in the ATM gene are clinically significant in both breast (got it) and melanoma (had it) cancers. Still, the doctor says not to worry, so that’s what I’m not doing.


The Sick Room is Coming Together

Drew is adamant that my post-surgical right arm shall not be used for lifting of even the featheriest things as he is already envisioning those half-a-hair-width sutures snapping in the muscular wind caused by my flailing right arm. I didn’t quite hear the doctor say that my right arm must stay so straight-jackety, but I do what my nurse says (mostly), so we are switching sides of the bed to put me and my bedside table on the left where my good arm will be. We have also purchased a big U-shaped bolster pillow, a lap desk, and a new fluffy mattress topper. Sure, I will be in pain, but it will be really comfortable pain. 


For the next week, I will be cleaning, tidying and shopping. Today I bought $65 worth of trash cans with lids to replace the open trash cans in the bedroom, studio and laundry room as the puppy has learned what treasures they contained and could not leave them alone. Even as a youngster, our old collie would have never stuck his nose in a trash can looking for chewables. This one is a handful. Luckily for him, he looks like a teddy bear with floppy ears, so we just work around his faults. Tonight we go to puppy class to continue sanding down those edges. Drew has promised to continue the classes with him after my surgery. It will be good for them both.


Hospital check-in is 5:30am on Wednesday, March 6th. See you on the other side of the fire swamp.

fire swamp.jpg