Free Shipping Just Out of Time for Christmas!

Hey folks! I'm back from the bazaar circuit and I've updated my tote bag inventory with all the ones that I still have on hand. These are the last of the tote bags. They have helped me get to 10,000 hours of painting and now I'm moving on to other art projects. I'm hoping to make other useful items - maybe shirts or scarves - but you already all either have a car full of tote bags, or are plastic enthusiasts.



Although tote bag canvas has been the very best thing as a surface that I could paint with little worry of failure or waste of expensive stretched canvas, it is not a lucrative venture.

Starting now, I'm throwing in shipping for free via USPS for all tote bag purchases. Just go to the"Use This Art" page and pick out your favorite tote. Once you have chosen your favorite, click on the "Buy a Tote Bag" page, buy a tote bag (obviously), tell me in the notes which one you have chosen, and USPS shipping will be free.


And if you're a local friend, shoot me a text or facebook message, and I'll hook you up with a deal.